Hosted Cloud PBX (Switchboard)

Hosted PBX solutions include a wealth of business communication and collaboration options that will transform your business phone system and the way you operate.


At CVD, we understand that the success of your business depends on the effectiveness of your business communication tools.


Welcome incoming callers to your business with features like custom greetings, auto-attendant and automated directory. (Record your own messages or choose professional South African voice recordings).

Customize how calls are managed during and after business hours.

Forgo the virtual receptionist when you select direct dial numbers thus providing an efficient and personal touch.

Take your extensions anywhere or program an extension using a softphone on your mobile phone.

Set up voicemail for each extension.

Extensions can be located either within a single office or at multiple offices across the country.

Prevent user frustration and moreover improve efficiency with ring groups. Ring groups allow certain calls to ring on selected extensions.

Use feature codes in order to set up custom functionality.

Use pin codes if required to limit abuse.

Use the Online Self-service portal wherever you are in order to manage the PBX yourself if this is something you require.

Block certain call types from certain extensions.

Choose from optional short and long-term call recording.

All maintenance, security patches and enhancements are regularly done, at no extra cost.

Take the opportunity to play marketing messages whenever a caller is placed on hold.

Use call queues to efficiently direct callers to the correct department or agent.

Forward calls from your extension to voice mail, mobile numbers, other extensions or even other numbers.

Work from home for a day by simply unplugging your phone from the office network and plugging it into your modem or router at home. Your calls will seamlessly follow your phone and you can still transfer calls to and from your colleagues as you would normally.

Receive your voicemail via email.

Divert calls quickly and easily in case of a connectivity or power failure.

Set up incoming calls to hunt across extensions in different cities, resulting in multiple offices functioning as one.

Use call detail records and usage reports to monitor costs per user and consequently gain valuable business insights.

Sign-up for a month to month contract.

Billing and call rate packages are simple to understand because they are transparent.

Increase the number of extensions and available lines as and when you need to.

Remote auto provisioning of most VoIP (SIP) handsets with encrypted passwords.

Cost Saving

Whether your company needs a VoIP PBX or VoIP SIP trunking, you will save up to 50% on your phone bill.

Cost Effective – Unlike a traditional PBX, the Hosted Switchboard is much more cost effective, even though it provides functionality only found on the most advanced traditional switchboard.

No Costly Maintenance – Moreover, there are no costly maintenance contracts and expensive license renewals.

Free Internal Calls – Internal call transfers are free, irrespective of where the extensions are physically located.

Save on Call Charges – Save up to 50% on your company’s monthly call charges.

Keep Your Number – Keep your existing business telephone numbers when you port to CVD.

SIP Phone Compatability – The hosted switchboard is compatible with most SIP phones and softphones.

Virtual Receptionist – Set up as many interactive voices response menus as you like; most noteworthy your virtual receptionist will work around the clock and doesn’t command a salary.

Port your Fax Number – Port your fax number or numbers and program them as an extension on the Hosted Switchboard which will save you paying for additional line services.

Free Fax to Email – Receive a free fax to email service when you sign-up.


Let us handle the stress of ensuring your business communication tools work, so you can focus on doing what you do best—taking care of your business.


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